Meet Amanda

Hello, so happy to introduce myself to you. My name is Amanda and I’m the proud owner of Chocohappy.

I was born in Belgium. Growing up, fine chocolates were always part of our family’s celebrations, be it a birthday or Christmas - there was always a box of delicious truffles on the table! Fast forward a number of years and I find myself in Canada with my own family. Inspired by the local entrepreneurial spirit, and the wish to make people smile, I decided to start a chocolate company.  

When planning the launch of the company I knew I wanted our products to be genuine and made with only natural ingredients. This led me to think about, how back in the days in Europe, families would go to the General Store to buy treats hand-wrapped in paper cones.The idea of wrapping the confections in cones was born! The name was easy, I wanted to make people happy by making delicious chocolates, so in February 2014 Chocohappy was launched.

The truffles and caramels that we make are handcrafted, in small batches, using only the finest ingredients like Belgian Chocolate, freshly roasted nuts, fresh cream, butter, sugar and honey.

Our hope is to delight you and make you happy
- Chocohappy!

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